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President Gary Pleasance

Our President 2024

I am extremely proud and privileged to be elected President of Suffolk County Bowls Association for 2024. Never would I have imagined when I picked up my first bowl in 1974, that 50 years later I would be given such a great honour. My thanks to all those that have supported me over those years and during my time on the Presidential Ladder, in particular members of Laxfield Kings Head bowls club and the officers and clubs of Area B.

Bowls is a sport for all age groups and abilities and I would like to think that whilst performing my other roles at County level I have been a bit of a moderniser, which has encouraged more participants to give the game a try. In Suffolk we continue to be proactive in increasing participation and to nurture new talent, which all bodes well for the future.

I look forward to my term of office at Local and National levels and will do my utmost to uphold the standards set by my predecessors.

I’m sure Andrew, David and myself will make a great Presidential team and will have a busy year supporting Suffolk bowlers at all levels of the game.

Have an enjoyable and successful season and I look forward to meeting many of you during my travels around the County or at Lincoln or Skegness in the National Finals

Gary Pleasance

SCBA President 2024.


President Elect Andrew Burch


Junior Deputy President, David Cattermole

County Finals 2024 at Laxfield Bowls Club

By WebsiteCoordinator    15/07/24   

Click here for the Semi-Finals and Finals program.

Adams Team going to Skegness

By WebsiteCoordinator    15/07/24   

Congratulations for our Adams Team for winning the section and being off to Skegness for the National Final.

The team for the final will be:

Stuart Ayers, Scott Parrin and David Brown.

Michael Last, Ian Parker and David Cattermole.

Mason Stannard, Scott Durston and Steve Zarkos.

Kim Dyer, Jason Sewell and Colin Sharp.

Matthew Smith, Ian Cattermole and Chris Jerry.

John Sewell, Ross Burroughs and Marcus Payne.

Area Finals 2024

By WebsiteCoordinator    11/07/24   

Programs for Area Finals are now available.

Click here for Area A program.

Click here for Area B program.

Click here for Area C program.

Click here for Area D program.


Close attention to position


The 2024 Trials

By WebsiteCoordinator    06/05/24   

On Saturday the 5th of May the County Trials took place at Leiston Bowls Club. This year the executive decided to try a different format to that normally used. The day consisted of three sessions of one hour with each player playing twice. Blocks, and positions in blocks, were mixed about in order to find the best combinations for the Adams and Newton teams.

The weather was perfect for playing bowls with blue skies and a reasonable temperature. Leiston`s green was running very well and their refreshments team was sorted out. The trials were well attended by spectators who enjoyed the spectacle.


Beautiful weather for play.


Spectators enjoying the spectacle


By WebsiteCoordinator    17/04/24   

All competition draws are now available on this Website.

2024 Indoor Finals

By WebsiteCoordinator    25/02/24   

The program for the Indoor Finals can now be found in Indoor Competitions.


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